Plus ca change…

Well, a lot has changed since that last post. Let’s do a quick recap:

* Ten days after that post, I left Active. Perhaps I’ll get into that later, but now is not the time.
* In May, I crewed on the 51-foot Swan “Star Chaser” from St. Maarten to Newport, Rhode Island. SPECTACULAR time in many different regards.
* In June, I got re-certified as a scuba diver — 31 years and 11 months since I last got certified.
* And the day I got certified (Sunday, June 20), I abruptly came to the conclusion that I should head to Alaska and get my home there in order after my recently departed tenants had left the place in a shambles. Eight days later I was on the road, with a game plan to be in Alaska until the house sells or Labor Day, whichever comes first.

I’m now in said house in Anchorage and the work has begun. There is much to be done but I think I can get it hashed out in a couple of weeks…and then we’ll see what happens. As I expected, the closer I got to Alaska, the more I pondered staying. And now that I’m here, opportunities are arising (I’ve always said I have faith in the universe). So…we shall see.

In the meantime, I’m getting caught up here…and will post a recap of the journey north shortly. Stay tuned.

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