One More…Once

It’s been how long since I’ve posted here? Yikes. And while it hasn’t been quite as long at my blog over on Active, it’s still been a while. So here it is, a return to the blogosphere, a return to the written (typed?) word, a return to…me.

I started out 2010 with a declaration that I was, to paraphrase Justin Timberlake, “bringing Luke back.” And thus far, it’s been a moderate success. I got my knee scoped and fixed, and ran pain-free on pavement yesterday for the first time in almost a year.

I’ve never been a good runner, and I can’t say that I truly enjoy the act of pounding out the miles (and yes, at my size/weight, it truly is “pounding out” the miles). But yesterday’s three-mile jaunt along the north San Diego County coast was almost ecstatic. No one would accuse me of gliding through the miles but it sure felt like it to me. The pace wasn’t particularly quick — an average of 8:30 miles — but it was faster than what I’ve done on the treadmill recently and faster than I expected to go in my return. But the ability to move at pace, at MY pace, was nothing short of a declaration of freedom…and it felt wonderful.

And here I am, back to the creation of words on a page (or at least the electronic version of a page). Like my running in the past 12 months, it’s been far too long; longer, even, than my absence from running and far more crippling. But as with those first days of physical therapy that then progressed to running on a treadmill and finally to yesterday’s excursion on the Pacific Coast Highway, this blog will serve as the tentative initial steps back into the life of creativity I once enjoyed. That life has been squelched in the past three years and thankfully, the universe has kicked me in the ass (again) to get back on the course I’m supposed to be traveling.

As sketchy as yesterday’s run was, so, too, are these initial posts going to be sketchy. So be it. They’re also a declaration of freedom. MY freedom.

Self-indulgent? Absolutely. But like I say: I’m bringing Luke back. 2010 is now a quarter over and the to-do items are being checked off. Getting back to a creative life is at the top of the list.

Count Basie gave me the title for this post. As he might have told his band at one time: hit it!

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