Where We Be

Here’s a good map of where Polar Bear has been so far and where we’re headed in the coming weeks (click on the image to enlarge, and then click again to see it at full size). I’ve done some quickie edits to this image so you can see where Bodø and Lofoten are here in Norway, and you can see where the Shetland Islands are in relation to England and Scandinavia. I’ve also circled where we’re headed next — Jan Mayen Island — and where we’ll head from there: Akureyri, Iceland. And finally, you can see our destination in Greenland: Ittoqqortoormiit and Scoresby Sund.

And, of course, you can always click on the “where are we now” link in the left-hand margin; that Spot fix is usually on and updates every 10 minutes while we’re moving.

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