Dateline: Whitehorse, Yukon

Anchorage to Whitehorse
727 miles, 12 hours

Ran the gamut today. From warm, moist and maritime in Anchorage (drizzle, 41 degrees) to cold, dry and continental at several points in the interior (clear, 16 degrees). The drive was quite nice, despite sketchy conditions for long stretches.

The clear, northern skies made up for any slushy, slick road conditions. Once I got to the upper reaches of the Matanuska Valley, the clouds had parted and bright sunshine predominated. And that clear sky persisted until the evening drive into Whitehorse, when a shockingly bright, almost-full moon shone straight above the roadway in the east (with the also-bright Jupiter right below), like that famous yuletide beacon of old (though I have yet to find any manger here in Whitehorse). In the mirror, a sublime twilight settled over the coastal mountains as the Alaska Highway turned east toward the interior of the continent. The fauna checklist was kinda sparse, though: a couple of moose, a porcupine, a beaver, a bunch of elk, a ptarmigan and one extremely large bald eagle.

Some photos:

The Mentasta Mountains between Gakona and Tok

Kluane Lake, looking west

The road (and the views) go one forever and the party (and driving) never ends

If you saw my rainbow photograph from the drive up in early July…that’s the same lake there in the foreground, same view looking east. A wee bit different, eh?

Moon over Haines Junction, Yukon

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