Whale Ahoy!

Wow, was that a boring 10am-2pm watch: motoring the whole time (we’re still motoring now), with nary a whale in sight. I spent most of the watch below, cooking lunch and tackling our assigned cleaning duties so Jarl wouldn’t have to be below (not good for one subject to seasickness) and Carmilla wouldn’t be the only one in their pair doing all the work. It was also warmer in the cabin.

We’re up again from 9pm to midnight, and dinner is at 6pm so I’m just gonna stay up for the duration and head to bed after the next watch. And that plan paid off in one dividend: we just saw some whales. Two or three humpback whales off the port beam, just lazing in the sun and blowing their spouts now and again. Tried a couple of photos…we’ll see how they come out.

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