Welcome to a Goat Rodeo…Polar Bear Style

Finally chilling out after a busy Friday here in Ísafjörður. We got Polar Bear mostly ready to go tomorrow by stowing the two inflatable dinghies, washing the boat down, cleaning the interior, doing laundry, moving some of the berths around to accommodate incoming guests, etc.

But the Polar Bear goat rodeo continues. The weather forecast is still more moderate than it was a few days ago, and while a run due north to Scoresby Sund/Ittoorqqortormiit/Constable Pynt is still out due to heavy winds and seas in the forecast for that area, the drive to reach Greenland remains so strong that now we’re going to head west-southwest to Kulusuk but…

…but we don’t know if the guests arriving tomorrow can get a flight out of Kulusuk next week.

— No worries. There are several daily flights to Reykjavik from Kulusuk tomorrow so that’s OK

…but (and this is my personal favorite) we don’t have a chart for the Kulusuk area.

— Despite being told to get a chart in England yesterday, Boy Wonder called this afternoon to say the chandlery in Reykjavik was closing today (Friday) and wouldn’t open again until Monday, so his plan to get a chart en route was out and could we do anything about a chart? And did we really need a chart? Legally, yes, we need a chart, and Boogie won’t go without one, regardless. Boogie spoke with the harbormaster who checked with an ancient local who used to sail to Kulusuk regularly to see if he still had an old chart lying around…no luck. Then he tried a friend of the skipper of a local boat (Aurora, a boat we saw at Jan Mayen way back when, now currently in Greenland with guests) to see if he had a chart lying around…well, that friend-of-the-skipper is playing in the band at the bar/restaurant across the street from Polar Bear so we’re going to check in with him later, see if there’s a chart in his car or something.

The bottom line is: if we don’t get out by midday tomorrow, the weather is forecast to get nasty enough that we’ll be here for at least a couple of days. We’d still get Boogie and Marlies’ friends to Greenland, and we’d get there for next week’s guests, but it’ll be close AND we’ll be hanging out in Ísafjörður for another couple of days…which wouldn’t bother the surfer in me (see yesterday’s post), especially since my wetsuit boots and gloves arrived this morning from home (thanks, Mom!). I’d also get to check out opening day of the English Premier League (a lot of Man U and EPL fans here in Iceland, it turns out). And frankly, the three of us had such a great day yesterday — we rented a car and spent the day touring the Westfjords region — that the guests could have plenty of fun in the interim.

More on that later…either in the next day or so, or after we return to civilization in a couple of weeks. Either way, I’ll get at least a quick update posted tomorrow if we’re heading to sea.

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