Takin’ Care of Business

A couple of procedural points:

* Blogspot won’t let me upload videos so I’m putting some of them on my Facebook page. However, I’m not posting many because a) I suck at shooting video, b) I haven’t had time to play with my editing software yet so said crappy videos don’t get shortened before they get posted, and c) videos on Facebook take for bloody ever to upload. I’ll play with the editing software in late July when I’m back in the U.S. for a couple of weeks; I’ll also look into a YouTube channel or something to which I can post future vids.
* I’ve learned that I can alter the post times manually so I’ll now post ’em in the order I write ’em, rather than doing a whole day’s worth at a time. Due to our itinerary, I don’t have connectivity very often so I upload a batch whenever I get back to town.
* This one is for you, Mom: the photos in the blog posts should — SHOULD — be able to be enlarged. Simply click on them and they should come up sized for your browser window…and you should be able to make the photo full-size by clicking on the photo itself once it’s open.

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