Scenes from the Shetlands

A few quickie images after a delightful day in Lerwick. A short motorsailing cruise around the area occupied the morning, while the afternoon, after the guests had departed, was spent cleaning the boat from stem to stern. Evening meant showers (Ahh! Hot water!) at the local boating club followed by dinner — our second truly spectacular meal in two nights…and I cannot overestimate the quality of the meals I’ve enjoyed in this small town the last two days — which included a long, entertaining post-meal discussion with the Norwegian sailors at the next table over…all of which took place under the blue skies of a long, high-latitude summer day. Spectacular. Simply spectacular. This place is definitely on the “to do more of in the future” list. More details tomorrow; now…sleep.

The impossibly picturesque village of Lerwick, Shetland

Local kids powering through an afternoon rowing practice — side by side, no sliding seats, no thin rowing shell…tough stuff

The (fuzzy) view north from Lerwick Harbor at 11:45pm on Memorial Day 2011

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