Just to Be Clear

So, I’ve been pretty hard hereabouts on Boy Wonder this summer. And not without cause. But I want to clear up a couple of things.

First off, he’s a really nice guy. And his persistent optimism is pretty amazing (to the point of making you wanna smack him now and then). He really does care about the northern part of the planet and he clearly loves exploring the area as much as possible. He seems to enjoy sailing though as I’ve pointed out before, it’s more the means to an end rather than an end in and of itself. But he cares about Polar Bear, the boat and the business.

What drives me nuts about Boy Wonder is how oblivious he is to reality. That may be an outgrowth of his infinite optimism but he’s become the living embodiment of the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

He’s been fooled so many times by his father that it’s become ludicrous. At various times in Greenland, he was pontificating to the guests about what HE was going to do with Polar Bear in the off-season and what HE was going to do with the business and what HE was going to do next season. I kept wanting to scream at him, “Yo! Meathead! You don’t own the business, your father does. And your father has declared to all involved that he’s going to sell the boat come autumn. On top of that, why would anyone believe you when the stated plans for this season have already been scrapped?”

Never mind that he likely won’t sell the business — it’s already 80 percent sold-out for 2012 — but the fact of the matter is that Daddy Warbucks (or Alfred, as I called him earlier) calls the shots. He’s the one who cut short this season; he’s the one who lied about the plans for the year and if he doesn’t sell the boat he’ll be lying again to Boogie and Marlies about the long-term plans.

So basically, Boy Wonder, while a really good kid, is just plain clueless. And the only way he’s going to get a clue is by telling his father to piss off. Of course, that would involve standing on his own two feet which it’s unclear he’s ever done before — he’s 30-ish…it’s about time.

According to information gleaned from various channels, apparently Boy Wonder is going to do just that: grow a pair and call Daddy’s bluff. If that happens, Alfred will have to decide whether he wants to keep the boat/business and hire someone who’ll run it, because he won’t have Boy Wonder to do his bidding and it’s hard to believe that anyone would sign on for such incompentent meddling as we’ve seen this summer. I’ll be a million miles away from Polar Bear by then but I must confess: I’m really curious to learn how it turns out.

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