Departure Imminent

10am local time here in Lerwick; ETD is now 12noon. Forecast is for light winds for several days; hopefully they won’t be so light that we’re motoring a lot. But as with any sailing trip: what we see is what we’ll get.

A quick hodge-podge of photos from the past few days here in Shetland…

The Isle of Noss

The bird rookery on the Isle of Noss: all those white dots are birds and nests

Overview of Lerwick Harbor from Fort Charlotte

The Lerwick skyline

Pedestrian streets in Lerwick

Cannon’s-eye view of the water in front of Lerwick

Lerwick City Hall

It was Royal National Lifesaving Institution open day on Saturday in Lerwick. Serious lifeboats over here.

Helicopter low pass

Alternate views of history: over here, John Paul Jones is a “renegade.”

Scenes from Symbister, Whalsay, Shetland

More scenes from Symbister

And still more scenes from Symbister

Scalloway Castle

Waterfront garden in Scalloway

Found my relatives in Scalloway

Enjoying a pint in the pub in Scalloway

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