Dateline: Shelby, Montana

Fort St. John, B.C. to Shelby, Montana
846 miles, 13.5 hours

That’s right: Shelby, Montana. Out here on the high line, where an impossibly bright full moon is lighting up the plains as bright as daytime. The moon is so bright that it takes a couple of seconds for your eyes to adjust when you look straight up at it after you’ve been staring ahead into the dark night while driving for so long.

Instead of turning right at Grand Prairie, Alberta, and heading back up into the Rockies and Jasper, I went left and out to the freeway, down through Calgary and across the border back into the United States. Not much to report: driving south on Highway 2 in Alberta is pretty much identical to driving south on I-25 in Colorado: Rocky Mountains to your right, northern plains as far as the eye can see…and cancerous subdivisions exploding out across the prairie around the cities. Other than the full moon, it was a pretty straightforward drive (no photos to share as a result).

Waking up in Fort St. John this morning, it was apparent: the wilderness part of the drive was over. With that in mind, the transportation aspect of the trip I mentioned yesterday came to the fore…and the miles just started rolling by. And with that, reports from the road come to a close.

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