Dancing in the Northern Summer Sky

It WAS quite peaceful once we turned off the generator. We ghosted along at speeds ranging from 3.5 to 7.9 knots, with bizarre and beautiful light displays overhead. It wasn’t the aurora but rather the midnight sun playing on the tops of the clouds, on the thin veils of drizzle, on the ocean surface. I tried some photos but I doubt they’ll capture the wild and varied shapes and colors that danced in this northern sky.

That was last night. Shortly after we went off watch at 3am, Boogie was forced to turn on the engine. Whereupon, the engine immediately puked up all its coolant. Apparently Boogie fixed everything because we’re now on the 10am-2pm watch and proceeding along on said engine. There’s more blue sky overhead and a bit of sun, but still quite a few bits of drizzle and a chilly north breeze. The other watches reported whale sightings, but we’ve yet to see any wildlife save for the fulmars that constantly circle the boat, gliding on the breeze, riding the wind spilling off the mainsail or landing in the water nearby, seemingly looking for a handout.

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